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Torstar`s whiteboard is a modern tool for teaching, designing, and brainstorming. It provides a space where your ideas can come to life with ease. The magnetic surface makes it easy to move objects around or remove them entirely without the worry of damaging the board. We have some other great products that you might be interested in too, such as our projector screen!

We specialise in whiteboard supplies that are affordable, durable, and reusable. Our whiteboards come in a range of sizes to suit any need. All our boards are made from high-quality materials with a sleek design that will make them the perfect addition to your office space. We carry dry erase boards that are magnetic in the back, or you can choose from our line of large format markers that adhere to any surface. 

Whether you are conducting a meeting or brainstorming with your team, our Whiteboard will be the perfect addition to your conference room. Our boards come in various sizes so they can accommodate any group size!