Room Dividers

Best Office Screen & Partitions

Torstar offers a variety of room dividers and partition screens for your office, classroom or meeting space. These help to create privacy, provide an organised environment and allow you to achieve the desired atmosphere. The modular system allows you to customise the size of your divider or screen as well as its configuration with one or more panels. This provides additional flexibility in how it can be used at different times during the day.

Our wide selection of office screens can be used in any plain, open space office to create a lively, productive work environment for your employees. A screen partition is an inexpensive, adaptable solution for adding or defining partitions in your office space. A screen can be used as a wall division in your house or workplace, adding interest to the space. If you need wall-to-wall coverage, choose a screen with six or more panels. Some portable partitions include shelves that may be utilised as a standalone bookcase for added convenience.